Key 1 - KLEO: A premium WordPress theme


KLEO is a Premium WordPress theme, it’s not focused on just one niche, it was built with multipurpose concept in mind and that’s why it should be the base of every new website.

You can build a:

  • Portfolio
  • Community
  • Blog
  • Shop
  • Agency
  • e-Learning Platform
  • Magazine
  • Directory
  • and many many more…

Do i need KLEO?

The answer is YES. 

Not only because KLEO is a perfect base for all sites, but think about the possibilities it gives.

  • You do not need to hire someone to style your site, KLEO has its own style and options to customize.
  • No need to integrate your favorite plugins with the theme. KLEO has compatibility with the most famous plugins around, and keep updating to be ready for your needs.
  • The Support KLEO offers is one of a kind. ( I am part of it)
  • It’s Awesome, isn’t it?
  • It’s ready for mobile users, something really important now that Google requires it!
  • Did I already say its awesome?

Key 2 - The Plugins

Because WordPress can have plugins is not an excuse to add the full repository!

Be careful with what plugins you use, keep it simple.

First, you need to think about:

What Plugins are REQUIRED for the website you are building?

By required i mean really needed plugins, not a cool image carousel widget.

When you have already a list of those required plugins, then you can move on to the next step:

Plugins that my website requires in order to be Optimized and Secure

  • W3 Total Cache is a YES
  • iThemes Security is a YES

Others could be:

  • Lazy Load
  • Smush it


Remember, keep it simple, or your website will start doing weird stuff

Key 3 - The Content

To build a Good website, we need Good content.

What is “Good Content”?

Is what ever that your customers want to see.

Before adding content to your site, you need to think about your customers, readers.

  • What do they like?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What do they need?
  • What do they do not need?

We need to focus the website and the content to the traffic that the site will receive.

Once you know what kind of people you want to attract, then you can start adding content to the site.

Do not add articles about dogs and cats for a user looking for cars and motorbikes (that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like it, but you get to the point, right? )

You can mix different types of contents for different types of users, but first of all, you need a base.

  • Do not Copy content from other Websites This affects to your SEO and users dont like it!
  • Hire a blogger or write articles yourself Users like to read unique articles!
  • Use a Subscription Widget Users would want to know when you publish new articles!
  • Schedule Posts Maintain a good flow of new articles, never stop posting!
  • Keep the SEO Good Yoast SEO Plugin may help!
  • Be Creative Search for new ideas, new ways of making your articles unique and creative!


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