There are a lot of plugins for WordPress, but as a good base while building a website, which are the best?

It all depends on the type of website you are going to create. So in this post i’m going to share with you some suggestions of what plugins you should have in a fresh WordPress install for your category.

This post is about: Communities.

Communities are one of the biggest diamonds that you can build in WordPress, if well done, your community can create a lot of revenue and traffic created by the user!

First of all, the theme.

As you know, we have an awesome theme that is a GREAT base of community sites, KLEO integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress and bbPress, 2 of the most important plugins for Community sites.

Once you get the theme, have both child and main theme installed we can start looking for the plugins.

A Must have: Buddypress

Yes, there are a lot of membership plugins, but BuddyPress is one of the most stable ones, strong and always being updated, have a lot of third party plugins related to it and integrates great with KLEO! Also, its free… so why not?

Optional but important: BBpress

Is the best forum plugin that you can find around, integrates great with KLEO and BuddyPress, and also has third party plugins related to it so its very easy to customize it.

Increasing website speed

Must have, for any kind of website: W3 Total Cache ( or a cache related plugin ) With Object cache, browser cache and pagecache. Minify option is never good with big themes like KLEO.

This plugin will make your website load from 12s to 3s in just a click, better than a lot of paid ones!

SEO Premium Plugin by yoast or All in one SEO Pack, a must have also, SEO is always important and more for a Community Site, so make sure you have one.

Another thing would be the Security, we dont want hack in our site, right? Well, the best for this is iThemes security, as my personal experience, i find it easy to use.

Now lets move to the extras.

Be careful with this, once you start adding one extra plugin, you wont stop. Be logic, think if you REALLY need that plugin, if not, leave it.

If we add too many plugins at once, and suddenly we have an issue, we wont know what plugin is creating this issue, the best in this case, is to disable one by one,  so the best is to start installing one by one, testing that everything work as it should, and then continue.

As always, plugins are a help for our website, but the most important in a community website is ” The Content ” give your website rich content and it will give you back users, a lot of users!

Thanks for reading! See you soon 🙂
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