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  • NEW FEATURE: AJAX Search from your main menu now allows you to choose what content to search for. You can choose from
  • Members, Forums, Posts, Pages and any other custom post type like Events if you have an Events plugin. Set the context for the Menu search icon from Theme options Header
  • NEW FEATURE: We extended our awesome AJAX Search Form and now you can customize what to search for. Now you can search for MEMBERS and FORUMS too.
  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can set a default layout for single blog Posts page. See the option in Theme options Blog
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Password Strength indicator in Register page and Profile settings page as in BuddyPress 2.1
  • NEW FEATURE: Added nice backgroud transition for transparent menu
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Login, Logout and Register menu items. Add them to your menu from Appearance Menus KLEO
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Ghost style for Tabs Pills type element. Nice to use on image backgrounds.
  • NEW FEATURE: Set the name and the slug for your portfolio archive. Find the setting under Theme options Porfolio. Make sure to resave your permalinks if you change the slug
  • NEW FEATURE: Option to have Transparent header on light or dark background. See the new options in Page edit Theme General Settings Display settings
  • Fixed Buddypress rtl languages where theme styles weren’t loaded
  • Restyled Facebook Login pop-up to be more awesome 🙂
  • Restyled Ajax search
  • Restyled Feature Items
  • Added text selection background to match you highlighted background color set in Theme options
  • Fixed Facebook login Email permission to be re-asked in case user hasn’t allowed this.
  • Fixed buddypress members search placeholder when search string is in URL
  • Small fix bg full video on mobile
  • Fixed “0 comments” that was showing when comments were disabled on blog posts.
  • Small Woocommerce dropdown fix
  • Some Woocommerce filter fixes
  • Fixed Gallery thumbs issue on Chrome browser that wasn’t always loading the main image
  • Small styling fix for Recent posts widget


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