Kleo 2.4 – Premium WordPress Theme UPDATE ( 11.02.2015 ) comes with new awesome features like BuddyPress Profile covers, Visual composer 4.4 & BuddyPress 2.2 compatibility plus many others features.
See a member profile with cover here

Make sure you update BuddyPress to 2.2, Visual composer to 4.4.2 and K-elements to 2.4.Also after the update make sure to re-save Theme options. Enjoy

– NEW FEATURE: Long waited BuddyPress Profile cover is here with a fresh and awesome design :) Check the new profile page options from Theme options – Buddypress – “Hide Breadcrumb section for Profile pages” and “Enable Full width Profile Header”. See a member profile with cover here
– NEW FEATURE: Visual Composer 4.4 compatibility
– NEW FEATURE: BuddyPress 2.2 compatiblity. Here are some visual changes you will notice:
— Create group button now is relocated in to the Groups page menu items
— Add ability to bulk manage BuddyPress notifications

– NEW FEATURE: option to integrate Woocommerce – My Account screens into Buddypress profile. Activate it from Theme options – Woocommerce
– NEW FEATURE: Added BuddyPress Groups to ajax search context
– NEW FEATURE: Enable/disable Woocommerce NEW product badge and set the number of days to treat a product as new.
– NEW FEATURES: Share options for pages, enable/disable page comments, enable/disable media display on page
– NEW FEATURE: Added avatar and links to author meta with the ability to control display using theme options
– NEW FEATURE: Social Share options can be set for all your custom post types and for pages. You can find the new share options under Theme options – Social share
– NEW FEATURE: Added Tags for Clients and also the option to show by specific tags in the Clients shortcode
– NEW FEATURE: Added Tags for Testimonials and also the option to show by specific tags in the Testimonials shortcode. Added also the ability to specify testimonials by id
– NEW FEATURE: Changed kleo_button shortcode so you can generate a link to your BuddyPress profile. Example of href link for Messages profile section: ##profile_link##messages
– NEW FEATURE: Enabled related posts for Custom Post Types. See the option in Theme options – Blog
– NEW FEATURE: Added an option to disable Woocommerce product image effect.
– NEW FEATURE: BuddyPress Group Email Subscription plugin compatibility
– NEW FEATURE: Added new option to hide excerpt in Posts Grid shortcode.

– Fixed a BuddyPress string translation on activity page
– Small fix Buddypress activity comments
– Restricted Buddypress message content in emails sent to users if private messages were disallowed for that level from Theme options – Memberships
– Added placeholder for member name next to my accont avatar in main menu: ##member_name##
– Added a new option to disable loading minified versions of the CSS and Javascript files. See the option in Theme options – Miscellaneous
– Improvements to Hosted videos Flash Fallback
– Improvement: When clicking the Kleo Logout menu it will redirect you to the page last visited.
– Small compatibility fix for Woocommerce in multisite
– Woocommerce Paypal checkout css fixes
– Woocommerce: Option to show product excerpt on single.
– Woocommerce: Show FB login on checkout if enabled.
– Fixed a breadcrumb issue for Woocommerce category
– Small sidemenu fix and “+” sign showing incorrectly
– Some AJAX login data parsing improvements
– Some other styling fixes and improvements

Full change log plus file changes here



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