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8 Best multilingual Plugins for WordPress

Are you confused as to which of the multilingual WordPress plugins to use for your website translation? If so , then you are in the right place. A multilingual plugin helps you, as you need, to translate the content of the web into multiple languages.  Your blogs, sites, widgets, menus, and more can be easily translated.  You can also translate texts and other content from the WordPress themes and Plugins on top of that. Many businesses benefit from offering in different languages their offers, products, or general information on their website.  As the core of WordPress is limited to basic functionality, there is no multilingual option available.  But, as always there are different WordPress plugins to upgrade the functionality. 

There are few things to remember before committing to a multilingual WordPress plugin.

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How to choose a right WordPress multilingual plugin
Best WordPress multilingual plugins

Which WordPress multilingual plugin to choose


How to choose a Right WordPress multilingual plugin

  • Make sure both manual and automatic translation are available when choosing the plugin. 
  • Do a plugin load time test so that your page won’t slow down due to the heavy plugin size
  • See if suitable SEO measures are implemented by the plugins. 
  • Check the reviews and setup

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins


Weglot translate, trusted by many users worldwide, is the leading WordPress translation plugin. 

It translates your WordPress website in minutes, no coding required, into 100+languages

Increase visibility and increase conversations by adding multilingual features with ease.  Weglot translate is fully SEO optimized, with Goggle automatically indexing every translated page. 

Benefits of Weglot

  1. It’s built for maximum compatibility: all platforms, WordPress themes, and plugins are fully compatible with Weglot translate.  Everything is transformed from WooCommerce to Elementor order forms. 
  2. Its SEO optimized:  Weglot follows the best practices of google for multilingual translation of websites, serving all translated web pages with clean source code. any translated page with dedicated URLS will automatically be indexed by google. 
  3. It’s easy to set up and forget: Weglot detects all the content of your website for easy translation automatically. no more manual replication taking time.
  4. It takes translation seriously: Weglot offers the advantage of the first layer of automatic translation provided by the best machine learning providers on the market for your translation task. (google, Yandex, Microsoft).
  5. It collaborates with the pros: Weglot lets you order directly inside your Weglot dashboard from vetted professional translators. With Weglot translate, set the translation quality the way you want. 


WPML, or WordPress multilingual plugin, is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your website in several languages. For multilingual WordPress pages, It is known as the best answer.  WPLM makes it easy to build and operate multilingual pages. for corporate pages, it’s strong enough , but easy for blogs. 

You can translate pages, blogs, custom forms, taxonomy, menus, and even texts for the theme using WPML. 

With WPML, any theme or plugin that uses the WordPress API is multilingual. 

WPML is provided with complete support to help produce optimum websites on time.

WPML helps you to completely customize your site in multiple languages, you have full  control over how URLs look. 

Sitemaps include the right pages and pass approval from google webmasters. 

With WPLM, search engines know the layout of your site and push the correct traffic to the right languages. 

Apart from that, WPLM also: 

  1. Allows the URL slug to be updated for each piece of content. 
  2. Menu/category links are automatically rewritten to go to the right translation. 
  3. Works with SEO and SEO pack all in one (it should work with all SEO plugins , in theory). 
  4. Adds the attribute ‘hreflang’ which is good for your SEO when it comes to sitemaps as well. 

3. Polylang

Polylang is an extension that makes WordPress sites multilingual. 

As normal you write posts, pages, and create categories and post tags, identify the language for each of them, translate them optionally, and Polylang does all the rest. Automatic or competent translation is not integrated into the plugin. 

If the site has a business plan, Polylang does not function on WordPress. com unless the site has activated plugins. 

       Features of Polylang

  1. Translates the information:  you can not only translate pages, media, links, categories, tags, but also custom navigation, menus, widgets, taxonomies, as well as URLs with Polylang.
  2. Reliable and easy to use: establish your languages, add a language switcher, and you can start translating.  In order not to modify your site, It’s simple to install: Polylang integrates perfectly into the WordPress admin system. it also integrates the reuse of content among languages for an effective workflow
  3. Enhanced results: Polylang uses no extra tables and does not rely on shortcodes to be  assessed for a long time. It only utilizes the built in core features of WordPress(taxonomies). And thus, the output of your website does not require a lot of memory or damage, in addition, it is compatible with most plugins in the cache. 
  4.  Connected with SEO: Polylang is compatible with significant SEO plugins, such as html hreflang tags and open graph tags, automatically. In addition, it provides  the possibility to use one directory, one subdomain or one domain per language at your preference. 

4. Lingotek

Lingotek translation is vulnerable to multiple vulnerabilities in cross site scripting since it does not sanitize user-supplied information properly. An attacker can use these problems to execute arbitrary script code on an unsuspecting user’s browser in the context of the affected site. 

This will allow the attacker to steal authentication credentials based on cookies and launch other attachments

By simplifying the process of developing and maintaining your multilingual website, Lingotek translation provides easy cloud-based localization and translation for WordPress.  

Features include, Solutions for computer, professional and community translation that ease the manual burden of launching in new markets while enhancing language accuracy, reducing cost and enabling you to deliver your brand.                                                 

5. Babble

Both powerful and lightning fast, Babble is the plugin built with performance in mind, improves site performance with 40 percent fewer requests ,the plugin produces pages 20%faster,also with the ability to add unlimited languages to your website with WordPress. the developers behind because of the connection with automatic core, which suggests that users have a very gentle learning curve. 


  1. Compatible with centre: Babble is built on familiar functions like custom post forms for maximum output with minimal overhead. 
  2. An integrated application; on the same computer, side by side, Babble places everything a translator wants. And because WordPress is the heart of it, there’s nothing new to discover. 
  3. Everything’s flowing: when a post is ready for their attention, Babble tells the translator. and when it’s the original. 

6. Transposh 

A unique approach to blog translation is provided by the Transposh filter for WordPress.  It enables your blog with an easy-to-use in-context interface to combine automatic translation with human translation assisted by the users. 

Features included in Transposh are: 

  1. Any language support-including RTL/LTR layouts. 
  2. Unique drag/drop interface for visible selection
  3. Use google translate or MS translate backends-60 languages supported. 
  4. Automatic translation mode  for all content (including comments)
  5. External plugins translation without the need for . po/. mo files.

7. TranslatePress     

TranslatePress is a nifty handcrafted WordPress translation plugin with all the features needed to translate every form of WordPress website, including WooCommerce-powered shops, it is loaded to the brim. Thanks to an elegant interface that makes translating all the content on your website super easy. Translatepress is amazingly easy to use. 

Other features include: –

  1. Dynamic strings added by WordPress, plugins and themes can be interpreted. 
  2. Integration with the google translate API is seamless, which means you can speed up  the process of translation. 
  3. Ability to translate the entire page from shortcodes, forms and page builders, and content. 
  4. A browse as feature that allows you to see your site as it is used by users. 
  5. Language switcher customizable. 
  6. Support from the world-class

It is so quick to translate your WordPress website with TranslatePress that you don’t need to search for another solution. The plugin is simple to customize and expand, plus one central options page includes everything you need. 

8. MultilingualPress

MultilingualPress uses the core multisite feature, Using its site for each language. Content is controlled via WordPress default features, not via fields generated by plugins. For instance, if you avoid using multilingual press for whatever reason, the language switcher is lost. But the output appears the same. 

MultilingualPress increases the versatility with regard to the cultural dimensions of translations as it retains the independent administration of WordPress media.  In reality, that means you need to upload each image for each language site, and you might need to save multiple versions of the same image. 

MultilingualPress lets you use a light user interface to run each language on a separate site and connect them. it can automatically redirect users to a language based on their region, or users can use a drop -down connection to choose their preferred language. 

Features include: 

  1. Compatible with themes, plugins and page builders:  automated tests with several themes, plugins are done to guarantee  ongoing compatibility. 
  2. Efficient, reliable, and stable: with many users, stability and security is taken seriously, WPML is tested on various versions of WordPress and with various plugins and themes that are common. 
  3. Switching languages automatically depending on the IP of the visitor. 
  4. Translate the title of the widget and the tagline of the website. 
  5. Create separate menus for different languages and more.  

Which WordPress multilingual to choose

There are plenty of multilingual WordPress plugins that will help translate your site, as you can see, you can select from the above list, depending on the requirements for your WordPress site. 


To conclude, it is important for many business organizations as well as casual users to have a multilingual WordPress website. That’s why the Multilanguage plugin was developed since it will give the means to replicate your content in many different languages or in many languages.  

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