You can import additional font icons like this:

1. Go to

2. Click on this icon from middle page then press import

Fontello - icon fonts generator 2016-07-08 17-19-37


3. Go to main zip file that you have downloaded from Themeforest in this path : /MainFiles/Assets/Fontello

4. Import/upload config.json

5. Icons from KLEO will appear and you can select additional icons

6. When you are done just press Download Webfont button

7. Extract the pack in kleo-child/assets

The assets folder from KLEO child theme should look like this :

fontello icons in child theme

The config.json file should be in root assets folder

IMPORTANT : If you don't see the icons in the menu area from example you will have to re-save theme options.

IMPORTANT 2 : If you have any cache plugin you will have to purge/empty all caches modules !

Note : Child theme needs to be installed and activated

That's all.

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