CAUTION: If you have made any changes to theme files, updating the theme will overwrite your modified files and you will loose any customizations. For safe updates please enable the Child theme and do any customizations there.

Automatic theme updates:

Please read this complete article on how to enable automatic updates for KLEO.

Manually update theme by FTP.

- Connect to your server.
- Go to wp-content/themes/ and copy “kleo” folder to your computer so you have a backup of your old files.
- Extract that you have downloaded from Themeforest. Make sure the resulting “kleo” folder has a style.css in it. Delete on your server all files inside wp-content/themes/kleo and then copy all files inside “kleo” folder to your server in wp-content/themes/kleo

Last step is to go in WP Admin – Theme options and save the options since some dynamic elements might have been added and to make sure you get the latest styling.

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