Adding the Custom Search Box to your site could create better search results for your site and help users find content easily.

One thing to consider is that the first three results from Google custom search will include ads unless you pay $100 to remove the ads.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add your own search box in the header and replace the default WordPress search form.


  • This works only for KLEO theme
  • This will work only with KLEO version greater than 4.2

1. Make sure to have the Search icon enabled in header

Go to WP admin - Theme options - Header options - Ajax Search in menu and set it to "ON" or "For logged in users".

2. Create your Google search box

First thing to do is to go to Google and make a custom search box.

  • You can customise where to display the results, on your site, in your sidebar or even hosted on Google’s domain
  • Include the URL for the sites you want in your search results

3. Enable Custom Search form support

You need to go to WP admin - Theme options - Header options and set "Replace search form content" to "ON"

4. Add the code

After you enable Custom Search option, a textarea will appear to paste the code you got from step 3. Get the code and copy it there.

5. Save Theme Options

Save the theme options and head to your website to check it out.

You can always add more styles and customise it to match your site design. See Check below image

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