Starting with KLEO 4.0 you can now define your own custom styling presets to apply to sections from Theme options - Styling.
To add a custom color preset just add this code to your kleo-child/functions.php file and modify the values to match your needs:

add_filter('section_color_presets', 'kleo_my_add_custom_color_preset');
function kleo_my_add_custom_color_preset( $presets ) {

    $presets['my-preset-slug'] = array(
        'alt'     => 'My color preset name',
        'img'     => KLEO_LIB_URI . '/assets/images/presets/deep-purple-ac-amber.jpg', //path to custom image
        'presets' => array(
            'text'    => '#ffffff',
            'headings'    => '#ffffff',
            'bg'    => '#673ab7',
            'border'    => 'transparent',
            'link'    => '#ffffff',
            'link_hover'    => '#d1c4e9',
            'high_color'    => '#ffffff',
            'high_bg'    => '#ffc107',
            'alt_bg'    => '#7e57c2',
            'alt_border'    => '#7e57c2',

    return $presets;

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