The theme is translation ready and fully supports WPML for managing a multilangual website. ( or Loco Translate, a free option )

You can translate it to any language or even set multiple languages.

You can find out more about how to translate WordPress into your language here

How to translate the theme with Loco Translate

Theme strings and plugins strings can easily be changed by using Loco Translate plugin

A small introduction on how translations work

Translatable strings can come from the theme or from the installed plugins. You need to translate the theme or the plugin depending on what section of the site your string is found.

For example if your string is on your BuddyPress profile then most probably you will need to translate BuddyPress plugin. If you are on the Forums section of your site then bbPress plugin should be the one that needs to be translated. Another example is the rtMedia plugin that adds the Media links to BuddyPress and if you want to translate it then this plugin will contain the string.



If the words you want to change or translate comes from KLEO make sure to also check the plugin k-elements as many of kleo features comes from it.

Any other: 

Always check any plugin related to the words you want to change ( For example, buddypress profile words could be added by any buddypress related plugin )

Follow these steps to get you started:

  • Install Loco Translate plugin
  • Go to the plugin dashboard: Loco Translate > Themes / Plugins
  • Find the theme or plugin in the list.
  • If the language isn't already in the list then click Add new language, choose your language and if you are asked where you want to save the language files choose global language directory ( wp-content/languages/ ).
  • Press SYNC button to synchronise your translation with the provided .pot file
  • Search for the string you want to translate and add your translated string.
  • Press Save when you finished your translation.

Note: You will have to set the language for your blog from WP-admin - Settings - General - Site Language - Choose your language
Our .PO file is located in languages/ folder inside the theme's folder.

Buddypress Album translation ( RTMEDIA )
bpAlbum plugin handles the image display and upload options you see in your profile under Album navigation menu.
Translation files reside in sweetdate/lib/bp-album/languages
You need to copy the bp-album folder to your computer and translate it with Poedit.

If you are using a child theme put the .mo and .po in sweetdate-child/languages/
The file name should follow this example: or


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