This is the new article for setting up your Facebook APP ID:

The below steps no longer are available

If you want to enable Facebook login on your site using a Social plugin or a functionality from our themes, follow the step below to enable Facebook login for your WordPress website.

Steps to create your APP for Facebook login

1. Navigate to Facebook Developers section and login to your Facebook account, if you are not logged in already.



2.  If you haven't done it already, you need to “Register as a Developer”. Click “Register as a Developer” link.



3.  Make sure to accept the Facebook privacy policy and complete other details you may be asked.

4. After clicking Done, you will be redirected to the Apps page.

5. Hover My Apps and then click “Add a New App” link.


6. Select Website


7. Specify the name of your app (You can enter whatever name you like, you can enter your website or company name for example) and click “Create New Facebook App ID” button


8. Enter your email address and Select Utilities for Category and click Create App ID button


9. Down the page, enter your  domain name in Site URL option. Please make sure that this url includes http:// or https:// (for example: or Nothing to do with the code in this page since the plugin for WordPress or our functionality automatically adds that to the page. Click Next button.


10. Click Finished from the top menu and then click “Skip to Developer Dashboard” link


11. From the Dashboard, Click the [?] symbol, just after this text: “This app is in development mode and can only be used by app admins, developers and testers”


12. Set this option to Yes -> “Your app is in development and unavailable to the public”


13. Now from the Dashboard you can get your newly created App ID

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 16.59.20

14. That is it 🙂

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