Bundled plugins like Revolution slider and Visual Composer come free with the theme and updates for the plugins are provided through our theme. These plugins can be ONLY updated from Wp-admin -> Appearance -> Install plugins

Even if you see an update notice in admin area for one of those plugins Revolution Slider Or Visual Composer, ignore that notifications and check the above path for updates, they will come automatically from SeventhQueen updates server.

The plugins are fully functional even though you don't get a plugin purchase code for activation.

Revolution slider and Visual Composer have developed a strategy to make you purchase a license if the plugin is bundled in the theme, like the case with KLEO. With a purchase code from the plugin developer you get access to their premium support system and some other advantages.

Revolution Slider

All the themes on Themeforest bundle premium plugins like we do and you get the plugin free with the theme but don’t get a purchase code for the actual plugin.

You will see messages in the admin area of WordPress to convince you to buy the plugin even it is bundled with the theme and normally upi don’t have to. You can check the advantages of buying a Revslider license on your own if you really need to.

The sliders from the themepunch can be downloaded manually form this link : https://revolution.themepunch.com/free-slider-exchange/ then you can import into revslider from your computer.

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